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Hosted Platform November 02 2010

Fetch Servers

FetchApp is a hosted digital delivery platform, which means there's nothing to download or install, no need for separate hosting, everything is setup and configured for you, updates are always being released without additional cost, management can be done from anywhere, and the platform is constantly being monitored, optimized, and improved.

System Architecture November 02 2010

Fetch Architecture

FetchApp is designed to handle any amounts of bandwidth and storage needs. We've teamed with Rack Space to provide the most reliable, secure, and best performing platform possible.

Running in a true Cloud server environment, FetchApp is blazing fast and easily scales based on resources needed.

So bring on the sales — FetchApp is equipped to handle them!

Data & Security November 02 2010

Fetch Security

To ensure your data is never lost, FetchApp is backed up daily and stored at multiple geographic locations.

We take privacy and security seriously. Physical access to our nondescript, world-class data center is strictly controlled and only accessible to authorized personnel. Multiple levels of security are taken to provide protection again breaches.

Learn more about security from Amazon, our data center…

Constant Monitoring November 02 2010

Systems Monitoring

FetchApp is monitored 24/7/365 to ensure the system is always available and performing at the highest level. Every aspect of FetchApp is automatically tested on a constant basis and the results are reviewed by our expert staff to confirm expected performance.

With our commitment to perfection, any issues that arise are addressed immediately. We monitor the platform and systems so your can focus only on your sales.

Ruby on Rails November 02 2010

Ruby on Rails

FetchApp is built with Ruby on Rails, an open-source framework that allows us to develop at the greatest speed possible. This means more updates, features, and improvements more often.