People who sell downloadable products shouldn't be bothered with the technical setup of digital storage and delivery. FetchApp handles all this behind the scenes. By using the intuitive Fetch interface, sellers can quickly and easily integrate with carts and payment processors, configure download settings, manage product inventory, and more.

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Carts & Payments

Fetch Carts & Payments

With the primary focus on secure storage and automated delivery of your downloadable products, FetchApp let's you choose where and how payments are collected. Use PayPal, Goodsie, BigCommerce, Shopify, or any other system using the FetchApp API to accept payment for your products, then ensure secure, automatic delivery with FetchApp.

Once you've created an account with any of the previously mentioned carts and/or payment processors, simply connect them with FetchApp from directly within FetchApp and immediately start selling your digital goods. You can connect with several at one time too!

Delivery Settings

Fetch Delivery Settings

FetchApp puts you in control of when customers can access your files. Specify when download links expire by time (1 day, 3 weeks, forever, etc.), quantity (3, 5, unlimited downloads, etc.), or both (3 days or 5 downloads, whichever comes first).

Once orders have been received in FetchApp, you have the ability to expire or reopen them on an order-by-order basis for ultimate control.

Product Management

Fetch Product Management

Managing your product inventory is powerfully simple. Since each product only need a title, SKU, price, and at least one file, setup can be done in seconds. Once products are created they can be sold immediately using the FetchApp-provided buttons or using a cart such as Shopify or BigCommerce.

FetchApp also lets you create bundles or divide large files into smaller ones. You can attach multiple files to a single product and/or associate a single file with several products.

Transferring your files to FetchApp is also a simple process. From a particular product choose one, or several, files from your computer for upload to the FetchApp servers. As they upload a progress bar will show how much time remains until the transfer is complete.

Product management doesn't get any easier than this!

Order Management

Fetch Order Management

Since orders are automatically received into FetchApp and download links are immediately delivered, managing orders is a breeze. There's a full track record of every order, when it was received, when download links were sent, when files were downloaded, and much more.

Once orders are in the system, you can manually expire, reopen, edit, or delete them. You have control over every aspect of every order!

Management Help

Fetch Management Help

Ready to start selling downloadable products with FetchApp? We've put together extensive help documentation regarding every part of the FetchApp interface, usage instructions, and frequent questions. Learn more...

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