All premium FetchApp plans make no restriction on the number of products, files, orders, users, or any other feature. Sell as much as you'd like without worry of costly commissions or order limitations. There's nothing to install, no contracts, and plans can be changed or cancelled anytime. Welcome to FetchApp!

Plan Storage Self
Free 5 MB 250 25 orders p/day limit
$5 10 GB 5,000
$10 2 GB 10,000
$20 5 GB 20,000
$30 10 GB 30,000
$50 15 GB 50,000
$100 35 GB 100,000
$150 55 GB 150,000
$200 75 GB 200,000
$300 100 GB 300,000
$500 150 GB 500,000
  • Self Storage

    Want to use your own storage?

    Use your own storage system (or Google Drive/DropBox S3 etc.) for a flat cost.

    We provide the ability for you to paste in links to your files, which we then mask and track.

  • Unmetered Bandwidth

    We want you to be successful and don't meter bandwidth.

    If your account regularly uses excessive bandwidth, we may ask you to upgrade your plan.

    Contact us if you expect to use more than 1TB Bandwidth per month.

  • API Access

    Have another system you want to integrate with?

    Our API allows developers to integrate FetchApp with any system.

  • Cart Integrations

    FetchApp is seamlessly integrated with PayPal, Shopify & WooCommerce.

    Your cart handles the payments, Fetchapp handles delivery of the digital products.